The Golden Talent

Multi-talent competition focusing on any and all talents

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Originating in Oman in 2022, Golden Talent is a multi-talent competition focusing on any and all talents. The digital competition aimed to bring together thousands of passionate likeminded individuals from all different backgrounds and levels.

After its initial success in Oman, the concept was then further developed and hosted for a second time in Qatar by Katara Cultural Village, one of the largest and most multidimensional cultural project of Qatar.

Hosted to coincide with the World Cup, the 2023 event was tailored specifically for football fans from across the globe. Participants were asked to display their talents and abilities whilst revolving their submission around football e.g. painting a football scene, sculpting a player, photography of a football event, designing a football teams uniform or ball. The options are opened ended and the potential for creativity is endless. 


Sneak Peak of 2022 Final

After successfully passing the  initial filtering phase, participants then performed  live on Instagram whilst the public voted via SMS. Top performers from the social media knockout round where then selected to perform at the Final to see who would be named ‘The Golden Talent’

Exploring A Diverse Range of Talents

Take a peek at some of our standout submissions from 2022 & 2023


solo & groups


painting, drawing & crafts


classic & modern


sculpture & woodwork


solo & groups


still & moving imagery

“Music and the arts have been a lifelong passion of mine and, whilst I still continue to compose and play music, I have started finding and working with young Omani talent on their journey to stardom. I was so impressed with the level of talent that I wanted to host a competition celebrating ALL the different talents Oman has to offer and thus ‘Golden Talent’ was born.”

Sayyid Khalid

Founder, golden talent

Talent on

In Oman 2022 edition talents included singing, classical poetry, modern poetry, musical instruments, painting, sculpting, rollerblading, puppet theatre, jewellery making, graffiti artist, cooking, sports, crafts, fashion design and furniture design. 

In the latest edition, hosted in Qatar, thousands of participants entered from across the region including Oman, Qatar, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. 

The competition included incredible prize money. $50K was awarded for the first prize, $30K for second prize and $20K for third prize. 



Top 3 winners


Money generated via SMS Donated to UNICEF Oman

vote & win

Those who participate in voting via SMS enter a weekly draw


Bring together thousands of likeminded individuals